Bitcoin Always win Points System (aix)

Bitcoin prediction, automatic thinking process of artificial intelligence algorithm to know when to buy and sell Bitcoin. 
Big monthly earnings!
Always win with our (aix) points system!
 You must use our application for your Smartphone called Cyclos 4.
Download it (free) on your smartphone, either for Android and Apple.

Then when you open the application the first time, go below where it says cyclos location, you must write, enter the following address:
Then sign up for the App, if you get a window asking to activate your phone to make trusted operations you give later.
Once inside you will see several windows, you open ai21btc algorithm, there you will see the information to buy or sell bitcoin, to update the information in the app you go to home in the same app and re-enter the ai21btc algorithm window.

For any information send us an email:

If calling this prediction "financial advice" could make ai21btc legally responsible in your jurisdiction, then this is not financial advice. If it could be interpreted as something that would make ai21btc responsible, that's not it either. Rather, it is a description of an automatic thinking process of artificial intelligence algorithm.